Stihl audit in miniGears Suzhou

STIHL, one of hGears’ major customers, has carried out an audit in miniGears Suzhou, in order to qualify our new Chinese plant during its relocation activities.
The results were very positive: Stihl delegates found the relocation project of mG Suzhou very well-planned and on schedule: in particular, they appreciated the efficient workstations and the friendly and open working environment.
No deviations for on-site-released parts have been found during the audit.
Furthermore, during the tour through all the production and office buildings, Stihl delegates had a very good impression as regards concept, lights, organization and cleanliness. They clearly experienced the Lean Production principles which were applied to the layout of the new plant.
This is a very great achievement for hGears Group, which is also organizing the official opening event of the new plant, planned in May of this year.