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Profound demographic and cultural pressures are dramatically reshaping the human mobility. The industry supporting human mobility as we know it today will undergo a true revolution in the next years.
The current and future requirements of the urban mobility result in the need to develop and produce mechanical transmissions and components from a completely new standpoint. Quality excellence, light weight and zero noise & vibrations have become absolute prerequisites to serve this industry.

The consolidated experience in the production of gears for battery-powered applications in various fields, like power tools and gardening, combined with the ability to manage the high quality standards and the typical automotive production volumes , makes hGears the right partner for Tier1 and OEM willing to play a role in this rapidly growing market, which represents one of the most interesting business opportunities in the coming years.

Our Customers’ challenges in the
New Mobility:

  • System integration
  • Gear micro-geometry
  • Nvh reduction
  • Transmission efficiency
  • Weight reduction
  • Design to cost

hGears’ Customer references in the
New Mobility:




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