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Why hGears

Our employees are the reason behind our success. We encourage all our teams to share competencies and knowledge, in order to grow as individuals as well as a group. We endorse talent at every level by rewarding actions which lead to improved results and by providing every employee with the training needed to empower their expertise.

hGears has entered the most promising sector of the future, the New Mobility, while drawing inspiration from the green economy development model and making its own contribution to the environmental sustainability challenges.

Passion and enthusiasm. Tradition and innovation. Design and unconventional solutions.
hGears signifies all of this. Immerse yourself in our company – or to be more precise: become a part of it right now!

People Development

Our people are considered the most important asset for the success of the company. For this reason we trust and invest constantly in people development.

hGears Academy

Human resources development represents an important contribution to the success of our company. For us, “thinking about tomorrow today” means offering employees opportunities and actively shaping the future.

Our Mission at the hGears' Academy

  • We promote the skills and energy of our staff in their everyday work.
  • We want our employees to be enthusiastic about our services.
  • We are innovative and willing to continuously improve ourselves.
  • Our employees should contribute to shaping the training processes.
  • We encourage communicative and respectful dealings with each other.
  • We encourage our employees to be proactive.

Lean Academy

Lean Manufacturing is the key instrument to seek continuous improvement, waste minimization as well as the excellence of the processes.
hGears, which has adopted some Lean core tools, including the "5S", has decided to focus on involving and training its employees, a vitally important approach in the current economic and social context, characterized by technology and innovation, from increasingly challenging markets and increasingly complex needs.
For this reason hGears has chosen to start experiential training days and to create a dedicated team for the development of an internal "Lean Academy", with the aim of promoting Lean culture and tools within the plants and defining the "hGears” standards on the subject.

Training Center

hGears focuses on dedicated training especially developed for young workers who are approaching the work environment. This provides them with the opportunity to develop technical skills and become professional workers.

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