On March 9th, the agreement for the new miniGears Suzhou plant, the Chinese subsidiary of the hGears Group, was finalized , with the signing of the lease contract between Pierluca Sartorello and Patrick Heimpold, respectively Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the hGears Group and Zhang Jingen, legal representative of SIP Jinsheng Packaging Co., Ltd.

The new plant is located in 9 Yangpu Road in Suzhou, not far from the previous one, but with a much wider surface area of 17,000 sqm, as compared to the 12,000 sqm of the previous site.

More space was needed in order to cope with the company upcoming development plans, in particular those related to the e-mobility market.

The new plant’s chosen location is the result of an intense research and it represents the outcome of some very precise guidelines.In the first place, we wanted to retain the competence and expertise of our employees and managers, as it developed over 12 years of hGears presence in China.Our company aknowledges this value and intends to continue investing in his people.

Moreover, a new site became necessary in order to redesign from scratch  the layout under a modern lean manufacturing optic to cope with increasing market challenges.All these elements together with our unique range of high-precision technologies place hGears  in an ideal position to seize the upcoming e-mobility market opportunities , one of the most interesting markets in China in the near future.

For the new site, whose inauguration will be held in October of this year, the hGears  planned investments in excess of 3 million €.

People from left to right:
COO miniGears Suzhou _ Ouyang Vanble
CEO Gruppo hGears _ Pierluca Sartorello
Legale rappresentante di SIP Jinsheng Packaging Co., Ltd. _  Zhang Jingen
CFO Gruppo hGears _ Patrick Heimpold
Responsabile del progetto miniGears Suzhou _ Fabien Dupuy
Direttore generale di SIP Jinsheng Packaging Co., Ltd._ Lu Chunming