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and sustainable actions

Corporate responsibility and sustainable actions are
essential components of hGears' business strategy.

Corporate Responsibility

This way of acting not only confirms our responsibility towards
all our stakeholders, it also allows us to actively and positively
contribute to ESG issues with our innovations.

ESG Committee

ESG Committee

The hGears ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Committee aims to further develop and strengthen the Group's strategy related to these issues.

The establishment of the ESG Committee is inspired by our  Vision and our Values. Integrity, diversity, environmental awareness, collaboration and teamwork, combined with our innovative approach, are the key elements that define our culture and all Group decisions.

Committee Members

The members of the Committee support and assist the Chairman in the management of all activities related to environmental issues, sustainability objectives, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility.

  • Sven Arend

    Sven Arend

    CEO (Chairman)

  • Daniel Basok

    Daniel Basok

    CFO (Deputy Chairman)

  • Christian Weiz

    Christian Weiz

    Head of IR & ESG

  • Isabell Hipp

    Isabell Hipp

    Group HR Director (Social)

  • Alice De Conti

    Alice De Conti

    EHS Manager (Environmental)




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