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The fundamental principles
that guide our Vision

Our values guide and inspire our path
towards achieving our Vision.

Our values will inspire
all our future decisions.

Daniel Basok (CFO)


Our Values

Our every decision and action is inspired by core values and
principles that characterize the way we behave as people
and as a company.

One hGears

Everything is possible
when we work together.

The feeling of being part of a team means being part of something important and always having someone to rely on when facing challenges.

hGears embraces a culture that encourages teamwork and working towards common goals, leveraging Group synergies to achieve success.

Integrity matters

We are honest and transparent.

Integrity in the workplace for us means setting moral and ethical standards, specifically:
- taking full responsibility for any of our actions;
- expressing conscious gratitude towards others;
- being open and flexible to change, even when obstacles or unforeseen circumstances arise, respecting others and the rules.

Dedicated to sustainability

Whatever we do,
we do it for tomorrow.

"Sustainability" means creating and preserving an environment where the beauty of life can survive for future generations.
Our choices and actions today will have a long-term impact, which is why we are committed to changing production processes in order to reduce waste and emissions.

We are diverse

We empower everyone.

Diversity is a fundamental asset for our personal growth and also for the company development. Accepting diversity means creating a true inclusive environment where everybody
always feels welcome.
We are constantly looking for new ways of thinking and new ideas that stimulate and inspire us.
To embrace diversity:
- we try to enhance the uniqueness of each individual;
- we take advantage of different backgrounds, characteristics and experiences.

Passion for growth

Continuous development
is in our DNA.

A continuous growth mindset allows us to be flexible and adapt to a rapidly changing environment, as a company and as individuals,
in order to:
- understand the needs of a constantly
evolving market;
- pursue a mindset oriented towards
continuous learning.

Driven by innovation

Our curiosity creates opportunities.

Creativity and innovation allow us to maintain
a relevant position in a competitive market.

Innovation for us means improving our products, increasing our process efficiency or anything else that concretely improves the business in a new way. Our goal in terms of innovation is therefore to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

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Regardless of who we are, where we live and what we do, we all have a moral obligation to take care of our planet so that our planet can continue to take care of us.

Daniel Basok (CFO)

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