Lean Manufacturing is a key instrument for waste minimization (“muda”) and thanks to its distinctive characteristics it used by businesses to seek continuous improvement and the excellence of their processes. hGears has decided to adopt some Lean core tools, including “5S”, a basic method for safe, clean, and efficient workstations.

Since the beginning of 2017, mG miniGears Padua has organized some “5S” workshops within the different manufacturing units of the plant, involving many employees in the various business functions: operators, team leaders, quality control, maintainers, human resources and function heads.

After a classroom training session, the first three steps required by the “5S” method were applied:

  • “Seiri”: to separate the necessary material from what it is not necessary
  •  “Seiton”: to re-order all the material that has been deemed necessary
  •  “Seiso”: to clean the work environment

The involved staff showed considerable interest and enthusiasm in the development of the activities, also providing good suggestions for improving their workstations. Our aim is to close the first four workshops by the end of 2017.

In addition, hGears has focused on people’s involvement and training (theoretical and experiential) through the creation of a dedicated team for the development of an internal “Lean Academy”, with the aim of promoting Lean culture and tools inside the plant and defining the “hGears” standards in this field.

Starting from this pilot project, hGears intends to forward the same methodologies and tools to the other plants of the Group in the future.