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Collaboration between Schaeffler Technologies AG and mG miniGears SpA

mG miniGears S.p.A., the Italian facility of hGears Group, provides to Schaeffler Technologies AG the planetary and sun gears for the electromechanical active roll control system, increasing comfort, safety and dynamics in automobiles. For this new technology, which represents an innovation in the automotive field, Schaeffler has won the “2016 German Innovation Award”, an initiative […]

hGears successfully completes group refinancing in the amount of EUR 33 million

hGears Holding , a company based in Schramberg with plants in Germany, Italy and China that specializes in turned and sintered gear components, succeeded in completing Group financing in the amount of EUR 33 million as planned in March 2016. Through the refinancing by a consortium comprised of Unicredit and BHF, the company has succeeded […]

Herzog supports the German racing team municHMotorsport

Herzog supports the German racing team municHMotorsport, which participates successfully in the international competition of racing car design and construction, since the “Formula Student Germany” was born in 2005. Currently more than 70 students coming from different disciplines such as automotive technology, mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering and business administration, work together to face […]

hGears for Save the Children

Our New Group will follow miniGears’ and Herzog’s tradition, instead of buying Christmas cards, our Group will make a donation to Save the Children Italy, in order to support its efforts in providing lifesaving and humanitarian assistance to children all over the world. In 2014 Save the Children responded to over 103 humanitarian crises around […]

Finance Monthly Interview:
Pierluca Sartorello CEO of hGears

Pierluca Sartorello is CEO of mG miniGears SpA. miniGears has recently completed a merger deal with herzog to become the new Group hGears, which Mr Sartorello will manage. Here he explains to Finance Monthly about his background and the impact of the deal on both companies. You are a key member of the merger, as […]